Rygaard Apply Details (Free 3DCoat brush) + with 68 brush tips SkinPack

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Hey everyone, free 3DCoat brush called Rygaard Apply Details which contains 68 brush tips that were created and used during the rhino detailing process.

Feel free to use it in your projects!

-- Very grateful if you subscribe to the Rygaard Creations channel.


Hey todo mundo, disponibilizado gratuitamente o brush do 3DCoat, chamado Rygaard Apply Details que contém 68 brush tips que foi criado e usado durante o processo de detalhamento dos rinocerontes.

Fiquem a vontade para usar nos seus projetos!

-- Muito agradecido se vocês se inscreverem no canal Rygaard Creations.

-> Important warning:

After the successful installation of this brush pack, Up to version .53 of 3DCoat-2022 shows the visualization of the alphas in a darker way inside the brushes palette, therefore making it difficult to identify them.

This means that there was no problem with your installation and the alphas work correctly.

This issue was reported to the 3DCoat developers and quickly fixed!

So, in version .54 of 3DCoat-2022, the preview color will be normalized and that means we'll have a great preview of the alphas inside the brushes palette!

--> Warning: December 7, 2022:

It is now available for all 3DCoat-2022 version 54 that has the fix.
Please update the program so you can see the "alphas" in the brushes palette correctly!

It is important to say that it will not be necessary for anyone to install the brush pack again, please, just update 3dcoat (version 54) and the program will regenerate the previews automatically.

Thank you very much!

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Rygaard Apply Details (Free 3DCoat brush) + with 68 brush tips SkinPack

Free Custom 3dcoat brush (Preset)
Rygaard Apply Details
Rygaard Creations SkinPack Brushes Palette
68 brush tips (alphas)


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Rygaard Apply Details (Free 3DCoat brush) + with 68 brush tips SkinPack

8 ratings
I want this!